Personalized, written astrology reports

This collection of cosmic patterns interpretative reports uses clear, straightforward language to describe your astrological influences.

See link below for samples of the 9 different kinds of reports offerred including “How to get to know your dog or cat”

People coming up with their own mean-making and their own personal spiritualities. Astrology can help you dig really deep and coming up with some genuine tools to live the life you were meant to live. It will help you find out ‘who am I’ and attract the best situations for you.

It offers tangible skills to help you toward your authentic life. Astrology works because we identify with archetypes.  Charles de Gaulle and Francois Mitterrand used astrologers as did Ronald Reagan. Nancy consulted an astrologer before every major speech and decision such as the announcement, “Take down that wall”, to Gorbachev. Psychologist Carl Jung, used astrology as a representation of the psyche and discussed client’s purpose, potential and self-actualization using the diagram as a guide. It represents the individual’s relation to the cosmos at birth. I don’t personally write the reports, but I do believe they are some of the best written reports available. 

Natal Reports: Major Life Themes Report     Astroanalysis Report Vocational Guidance Report         Cosmo Compatibilty Report          Starquest Pro Forecast Report

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