Illuminating mind, body & spirit

First, lets explore the true meaning of the word ‘Psychology’. Its roots come from the ancient Greek words ‘psyche’; meaning breath, spirit, soul and ‘logos’; meaning word, principle, story. “Logos of the psyche” in other words means “knowledge of the spirit”. Transpersonal therapy will assist you on your path to this knowledge of your soul.

So what does transpersonal mean? The root of trans means…..Trans means to extend beyond the personal, The “I am” of the human psyche. Transpersonal then means to expand our understanding to include altered states of consciousness, spiritual or non-ordinary experiences. Building bridge between traditional therapies and the transpersonal approach occurred in my PhD studies which built on my studies of altered states of consciousness and cross-cultural roots of disciplines such as Celtic, shamanism, Kabbalah, Buddhism to Hinduism, dreams, hypnosis, near-death experiences, and meditation. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were pioneers in the transpersonal seeking a divinity beyond traditional religion, cultivating personal growth and illumination and respecting nature.

The transpersonal approach can help one sense and integrate a spiritual or non ordinary experience, obtain knowledge of a variety of spiritual paths; and actively pursue one’s own spiritual development.
Research indicates that it is the individual’s faith and not the movement or program such as behaviorism, cognitive, humanistic, gestalt itself which has the most impact on behavior change and health. The transpersonal approach takes into account working with faith, hope and spirituality. Sharing your beliefs and having them confirmed by another is part of finding one’s path in life.